Mar 07, 2014

Olympic Winter Games 2014

Knee and back products made by Bauerfeind were in high demand in the polyclinics.

Knee and back supports and orthoses were most popular at the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi. German specialists in orthopedic technologies helped the polyclinics of the three Olympic Villages attending to athletes in case of traumas and preventing injuries via the products of Bauerfeind AG. About 400 Olympians from 54 out of 88 participating countries used the company’s services. For the third time Bauerfeind AG from Zeulenroda/Thüringen has become a partner of the Olympic Organizational Committee and a significant element of the centralized medical procurement system.

Bauerfeind has become a supplier of the Winter Games in Sochi as a single global manufacturer of supports, orthoses, medical compression stockings and orthopedic insoles. In order to ensure that products in stock are available in all the sizes, more than 5,000 items were sent to the polyclinics of the three Olympic Villages on the Games’ eve. According to the contract, Bauerfeind had to submit teams to the local polyclinics. The sports orthopedic experts, doctors and physiotherapists searched together for the best products for injured athletes. They explained the mode of operation and application of the products. They also fitted orthopedic products according to the sports taken by the athlete and the required mobility level.

The new Olympic disciplines appeared to be high-injury sports: falls at the mogul slope, in the half-pipe or slopestyle park are common things in the Extreme Part Rosa-Khutor. In the course of trauma treatment or prevention, freestylers, ski crossers and snowboarders received more than 80 supports and orthoses, the majority of which were for knees and back. Thanks to the Bauerfeind products, most of the sportsmen managed to recover for the further Olympic competition.

There were not only fresh traumas to be treated: some athletes suffered from old wounds that opened due to the physical overload. Along with the knee and back problems, most common traumas were instable ankles, and injured shoulders and elbows. Our patients were not only athletes of the new disciplines but also some ice hockey players and alpine skiers, or cross-country skiers, curling players and bobsledders.

“We have noticed the importance of our part in the polyclinics. More and more athletes, doctors and physiotherapists search for communication with us”, said Lars Birnbaum, the Head of Bauerfeind Sports Marketing. All in all, about 400 athletes from 54 countries used the services of Bauerfeind. Particularly, they came from Russia, Switzerland, Canada and China. We also attended to athletes from the smallest teams, for example, alpine skiers from Ireland, Liechtenstein and Virgin Islands, or skiers from Israel and Iran.

“Athletes and their escorts were thrilled by our product quality and tried some new things during the Olympic Games“. Trust in our orthopedic specialists played an immense part in it. Without their craftwork and competences it would be impossible”, explained Birnbaum.

Thanks to two AFT grinding machines, Bauerfeind fulfilled all the conditions required for orthopedic insole fitting in the polyclinics. Ice hockey players, speed skaters and cross-country skiers needed help for their feet. So they received the perfectly grinded insoles that suited their training and competitions shoes.

More and more sportsmen choose our medical compression stockings. They put definite pressure exactly to the required points on the leg and care for normal blood circulation. It is possible to wear them for trainings and competitions, regeneration, and long flights. Therefore, many athletes came to the polyclinic shortly before their return flight in order to get their legs measured and receive perfect compression stockings.

“The entire team has done excellent job. I would like to thank all the specialists who worked in Sochi, Zeulenroda and Remscheid“, said Lars Birnbaum. He underlined that the Olympic Games were a kind of a team work between Bauerfeind and so many customers. All in all, 13 Bauerfeind technicians worked for the Olympic Winter Games between January 30th and February 26th. The company “enforced” their team with seven experienced masters in orthopedic technologies form the health care institutions that have Bauerfeind products in their product range.

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