VenoTrain look

Mar 07, 2014

VenoTrain look

Glossy gold and silver

From early February, the warm golden color "Honey" and the cool shimmering shade "Silver" are adding a touch of sophistication to the glossy knitted fabric of the VenoTrain look compression stocking. The two new colors are replacing "Toffee" and "Graphite." Together with "Caramel" and "Black," four colors with a glossy effect are available to add a glamorous touch to every woman's outfit.

The VenoTrain look is available in compression classes 1 and 2. The stocking is ideal for treating mild to moderate venous disorders and preventing varicose veins and thrombosis, such as during pregnancy by wearing the maternity pantyhose version with a stretchy pantyhose top. The new pale shades make the glossy effect created by the VenoTrain look's trilobal fibers stand out particularly well, meaning that the stocking is a highlight of the VenoTrain family.


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